Engineering / Surveying / Plan Facilitator / Construction Site Management

Our innovative planning techniques provide land use solutions that are economically viable, functional, aesthetically strong and environmentally sound. As ordinances, guidelines and environmental criteria make development increasingly complex, we provide careful analysis and creative thinking that enable clients to transform their vision to a buildable reality. We create high value solutions, while our knowledge and experience with complex local planning regulations ensures timely land use entitlements.

Our planning expertise ranges from creating master plans for entire towns to devising attractive landscape plans for small in-fill lot projects. Many of the communities created with our assistance utilize walkable, compact and lively environments. We have helped clients build dream homes, religious/recreational facilities, and mixed-use developments – all while displaying sensitivity to natural resources and the environment.

Some of our services include:

*Acquisition Services
*Conceptual Planning
*Master Planning
*Feasibility Studies
*Pre-Development Services
*Preliminary Planning
*Special Exceptions & Permit Acquisition
*Use Permit


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